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After-sales Service

Firstly, we are very thankful for your trust to Gigac Brand, Gigac has always been dedicated to offer you first-class products and systematic service, and had already established thorough sales and after-sales service system to provide you with comprehensive and professional care.

Quality Assurance Commitment

The quality assurance period for the product you purchased is upon the contract we signed; please keep all documents Gigac provided.

Technical Support

Gigac will provide lifelong technical service for all purchased products by phone or Internet, so as to help customer solve any problems very fast.

Tel:+86-028-8512 4518


Follow up Service

Gigac will follow on customer every 3-6 months.

Customer Rights

If there’s any non-human factor quality problem you found once you receive the shipment, please ship products back to us within 7 working days, we will replace with new products as soon as possible

Products Transportation

We adopt efficiency, fast and safe air express to ship all of our products so customer can get them in time.

Customer’s Comment

All comments and suggestions from our customer are big value to Gigac, we will take them as motivations to improve our products and service.



As optical modules are laser products, they will need correct operation and regular maintenance, Gigac will not responsible for the following problems:

1,Non quality problems or human factor problems and problems caused by inappropriate operation.

2, Problems caused due to ignore of Gigac’s manual requirements.

3, Problems caused due to irresistible factors.

4, Gigac reserve the right for final explanation.


How to distinguish ONU fiber break and power down?

Both ONU fiber break and power down can lead ONU port down or deregister, some ONU will send OLT a dying gasp when ONU detect power down, so we can know who cause the problem.


Why use constantly shinning switch on ONU?

Because ONU is only light in sudden, regular optical power meter is unable to test out it’s power, PON power meter is required, but if the ONU is with constantly shinning function, regular optical power meter can read the power and then analyze if ONU is out of order. 


If the repeating equipment can be used to extend EPON transmission distance?

The answer is NO. EPON module is designed for point-to-multipoint application, extending the transmission distance cannot simply be realized by enlarging the power. Even without considering other optical parameters may cause a variety of optical transmission problem, only enlarge the OLT side light do not have much use. Because track back to reverse uplink, each ONU will need to add repeating equipment to extend the transmission distance, it is not realistic on cost.


Will it alarm if the optical splitter breaks down?

NO, because optical splitter is passive component, it functions like fiber to network equipment. If the splitter breaks down, all ONU connected to it will stop work, then it will report as ONU DOWN, you will know the splitter breaks down.


What need to pay attention to when use optic fiber?

Normally need to test the optic fiber’s recession rate to evaluate the feasibility. Generally speaking recession rate for single mode is 0.3-0.4Db/Km, if the actual testing result is with big difference from the calculated, it means the optic fiber may have below problems:

(1)     The optic fiber interface is not well plugged;

(2)     The end face is polluted by dust or something similar;

(3)     There’s physical damage within the optic fiber, some are damaged or break;

(4)     Bending radius less than 8cm;

(5)     Some other problems.



How to protect the optic fiber interface port on ONU, OLT module and optic splitter?

Dust cap must be covered when optic fiber interface port is not in use. It is forbidden to expose the optic fiber interface port into air. Specialized optic fiber cleaning tool must be used or optic fiber interface port cleaning tissue, soft napkin or glasses cloth can never use.


If the laser emits from ONU, OLT module is harmful to our body?

The optic power of EPON module from Gigac is with level 1 protection standard, will not be harmful to people’s skin, but it’s forbidden to shoot directly in eyes or it will cause damage.


What’s the regular optic fiber interface port used on EPON?

Currently all the interface port and splitter port on EPON ONU/OLT module is SC/PC (the port is blue), if the user already have optic fiber and splitter with other port types, fiber transfer jumper can be used(fiber transfer jumper is with different port on both ends).


Can EPON support 40, 60,80KM transmission distance?

Gigac’s optic fiber module comply with EPON technical standard, under 1:32 splitting ratio we have 10KM and 20KM transmission distance, with narrower splitting ratio, the distance might be longer, ONU can still work, but cannot reach the above distance.


What type of optic fiber can EPON support?

Gigac’s EPON module must use single optic fiber which is compatible with G.652 standard, adopt upstream 1310nm wavelength, 1490nm downward wavelength, so the upstream and downward data will only need one core fiber is ok.