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•Up to 41.2 Gb/s data link

•Support MMF (Multi-Mode Fiber) and SMF (Single-Mode Fiber)

•Support DAC, AOC

•10 Gb/s per channel, in total 40G

•Support CDR

•Built-in Digital Diagnose Monitor Function (DDM)

•RoHS Compliant



•40G Ethernet

•InfiniBand QDR or FDR

•OTU3 for OTN

Gigac QSFP+ AOC (active optical cable) conforms to QSFP+ multi source protocol (MSA) and RoHs standard. QSFP+ AOC is a high-performance integrated cable assembly products which designed for short distance multi channel data communication and interconnection applications, each signal direction integrates 4 data channels, achieve the aggregate bandwidth of 40Gbps in a single module, each channel can operate at the speed of 10Gbps, the communication distance from 1 to 100 meters. Gigac QSFP+ AOC optical module is using 850nm wavelength MM fiber, electrical interface is using 38 contacts edge connectors, in addition, these 4 channels pluggable active optical fiber cable and optical transceiver integrated with Gigac circuit and VCSEL technology can bring long time reliable, High-performance and stable products. Optical modules are widely used in Ethernet devices (switches, routers, data centers) , can effectively improve the PCB board installation density, simplify heat management. Digital diagnostic function is also greatly facilitated the system management. Gigac QSFP+ AOC QDR IB is fully compliant with the 10Gbps QDR IB ,and backward compatible with 5Gbps SDR IB and 2.5Gbps SDR IB;Using 8b/10b compatible encoding data,the operation speed can up to 10Gbps; Shell temperature range is from 0 to 70℃,comply with InfiniBand architecture 1.2.1 version QDR specification and QSFP+ optical module SFF-8436 specifications; Compatible with Industry IN-8436i standard QSFP transceiver specification 1.0 version.

Product List
Product Type Package Data Rate Tx Tx power Rx Sens Temp Distance Application Other
GFQSFP+-QSFP+-20 QSFP+ 40G 850nm -7.3 ~ -1dBm pin ≦-11.1dBm C 20M 以太网/SDH
GFQSFP+-QSFP+-K0 QSFP+ 40G 850nm -7.3 ~ -1dBm pin ≦-11.1dBm C 100M 以太网/SDH