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QSFP+ Twinax


•Up to 41.2 Gb/s data link

•Support MMF (Multi-Mode Fiber) and SMF (Single-Mode Fiber)

•Support DAC, AOC

•10 Gb/s per channel, in total 40G

•Support CDR

•Built-in Digital Diagnose Monitor Function (DDM)

•RoHS Compliant



•40G Ethernet

•InfiniBand QDR or FDR

•OTU3 for OTN

Gigac QSFP+ Copper cable (QSFP+ Copper cable DAC) series products are fully compatible with the SFF-8436 specification, compared with the existing SFP+ system, it can provide four times bandwidth capacity of the port. QSFP+ copper and its shape is particularly suitable for high-end transaction processing system used in the data center, network and high performance counting applications. Gigac QSFP+ copper product includes SMT 38 bit edge card connector (10G), with the PCB casting radiator installed EMI metal box, auxiliary installation folder, passive copper. Connector with optimized PCB interface, can minimize crosstalk and insertion loss. The cable assembly with a solid die cast cap that provides excellent EMI shielding effect, and is equipped with easy used pull lock for easy disconnect of cable assemblies. QSFP+ copper component can support connection and coaxial type connector configuration which with high density stack requirements. The system supports 10 G Ethernet, fiber channel, InfiniBand, SAS and SONET/SDH standards with different data rates.

Product List
Product Type Package Data Rate Tx Tx power Rx Sens Temp Distance Application Other
GPQSFP+-QSFP+-01 QSFP+ 40G n/a n/a n/a n/a C 1M 以太网/SDH NO DDM
GPQSFP+-QSFP+-03 QSFP+ 40G n/a n/a n/a n/a C 3M 以太网/SDH NO DDM
GPQSFP+-QSFP+-05 QSFP+ to 4xSFP+ 40G n/a n/a n/a n/a C 5M 以太网/SDH NO DDM