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QSFP+ to 4x SFP+


•Up to 41.2 Gb/s data link

•Support MMF (Multi-Mode Fiber) and SMF (Single-Mode Fiber)

•Support DAC, AOC

•10 Gb/s per channel, in total 40G

•Support CDR

•Built-in Digital Diagnose Monitor Function (DDM)

•RoHS Compliant


•40G Ethernet

•InfiniBand QDR or FDR

•OTU3 for OTN

Gigac QSFP+ to 4xSFP+ is 4 channels hot pluggable parallel fiber QSFP+ active optical cable (AOC, Active Optical Cable) to 4x SFP+ active cable connection solutions. Gigac QSFP+ to 4xSFP+ is using an octopus type cable for 40G to 4x 10G applications. Gigac QSFP+ to 4xSFP+ is suitable for short-range multi channel data communication and interconnection applications high performance cable, 4 data channels integration reach to the 40Gbps bandwidth, each channel can work as 10.3125Gbps rate, support 4x 10G InfiniBand cable QDR application, backwards compatible with 4x 5G IB DDR and 4x 2.5G single IB SDR application. 

• Comply with IEEE 802.3ba-2010 40GBASE-SR4 and XLPPI specifications and support 40G-IB-QDR/20G-IB-DDR/10G-IB-SDR applications
• Comply with industry standard SFF-8436 QSFP+ specifications
• 40GbE Ethernet Application is using 64b/66b coding data , per channel rate is 10.3125Gbps, 40G-IB-QDR application is using 8b/10b encoding data channel with rate of 10Gbps
4XSFP+ end:
• Comply with SFF-8431 enhanced small size pluggable module electrical specifications
• Institution meets SFF committee SFF-8432 IPF improved pluggable dimensions specification

Product List
Product Type Package Data Rate Tx Tx power Rx Sens Temp Distance Application Other
GFQSFP+-4SFP-20 QSFP+ to 4xSFP+ 40G 850nm -7.3 ~ -1dBm pin ≦-11.1dBm C 20M 以太网/SDH NO DDM