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Up to11.3 Gb/s data link

Up to 80km Transmission Distance

Support MMF (Multi-Mode Fiber) and SMF (Single-Mode Fiber)

Digital Diagnose Monitor Function (DDM)

Support Duplex fiber Bi-Direction, Single fiber Bi-Direction

3.3 V power supply

LC Interface

RoHS Compliant

Excellent ESD Protection and Low EMI

Low Power Consumption

Operating Case Temperature: Standard: 0~+70°C; Industrial: -40~+85°C



10G Ethernet

10X Fiber Channel


Gigac SFP+ CWDM optical module fully comply with the relevant SFP+ MSA agreement. Support hot pluggable funnction, using industry standard LC optical interface. Using CWDM wavelength components, support 1270nm, 1290nm, 1310nm, 1330nm, 1470nm, 1490nm, 1510nm, 1550nm, 1570nm, 1590nm, 1610nm. Core optical transceiver devices all use high reliability laser and PIN or APD receiver devices, using a single power supply 3.3V low-power program to effectively control energy consumption. The input / output data of high speed difference is 50 ohm matching impedance LVPECL level interface, according to SFP MSA standard, provides data loss (LOS), launch failure (Tx_Fault) and laser shutdown (Tx_Dis) monitoring / alarm interface. In line with SFF-8472 "optical transceiver diagnostic monitoring interface" real-time monitoring of the diagnostic characteristics: emission optical power, receiving optical power, laser bias current, temperature, power supply voltage. IEC 60825-1 1/CDRH Class 1 laser eye Class safe. Compliance with hazardous substances restriction (RoHS) directive Gigac SFP+ CWDM modules comply with 10GBASE-LR/LW, 10GBASE-ER/EW and 10GBASE-ZR/ZW Ethernet and SDH applications. wherein, SFP+ CWDM 40km using EML+PIN laser, SFP+ CWDM 80km using EML+APD laser, SFP+ CWDM 40KM support 1270nm to 1330nm , 1470nm to 1610nm wavelength. SFP+ CWDM 80KM supports 1470nm and 1610nm wavelength. SFP+ CWDM suitable for switches, routers, firewalls and other devices. Widely used in telecommunications, data centers, security and military fields.

Product List
Product Type Package Data Rate Tx Tx power Rx Sens Temp Distance Application Other
GWCP-XX96-10 SFP+ 10G 1270~1330nm -8.2 ~ +0.5dBm pin ≦-12.6dBm C 10km 以太网/光纤通道
GWCP-XX96-20 SFP+ 10G 1270~1330nm -1 ~ +2dBm pin ≦-14.5dBm C 20km 以太网/光纤通道
GWCP-XX98-10 SFP+ 10G 1270~1330nm -8.2 ~ +0.5dBm pin ≦-12.6dBm C 10km 以太网/SDH/光纤通道
GWCP-XX98-20 SFP+ 10G 1270~1330nm -1 ~ +2dBm pin ≦-14.5dBm C 20km 以太网/SDH/光纤通道
GWCP-XX96-40 SFP+ 10G 1470~1610nm -1 ~ +4dBm pin ≦-16.0dBm C 40km 以太网/SDH/光纤通道
GWCP-XX96-80 SFP+ 10G 1470~1610nm 0 ~ +4dBm APD ≦-23.0dBm C 80km 以太网/SDH/光纤通道



Note: 型号中xx表示波长1270~1610nm 例如: 27=1270nm,29=1290nm,… 61=1610nm
Channel No. Central Wavelength (nm) Bail Color Channel No. Central Wavelength (nm) Bail Color Channel No. Central Wavelength (nm) Bail Color
27 1270 Light Purple 39 1390 White 51 1510 Blue
29 1290 Sky Blue 41 1410 Silver 53 1530 Green
31 1310 Yellow Green 43 1430 Black 55 1550 Yellow
33 1330 Yellow Ocher 45 1450 Yellow Orange 57 1570 Orange
35 1350 Pink 47 1470 Gray 59 1590 Red
37 1370 Beige 49 1490 Violet 61 1610 Brown