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Up to11.3 Gb/s data link

Up to 80km Transmission Distance

Support MMF (Multi-Mode Fiber) and SMF (Single-Mode Fiber)

Digital Diagnose Monitor Function (DDM)

Support Duplex fiber Bi-Direction, Single fiber Bi-Direction

3.3 V power supply

LC Interface

RoHS Compliant

Excellent ESD Protection and Low EMI

Low Power Consumption

Operating Case Temperature: Standard: 0~+70°C; Industrial: -40~+85°C



10G Ethernet

10X Fiber Channel


Gigac SFP+ AOC series products based on the optical technology and the copper (DAC, Direct Attach Copper) ,AOC active optical cables have a number of advantages, the bit error rate of Avago active optical cable (BER Bit, Error Rate) is 10-15, and 10-12 for direct copper. Due to the high frequency EMI signal is in processing inside the pluggable module, only the light signal can across through the cable, so the AOC cable EMI anti-interference ability is better than that of the direct copper. Gigac 10G SFP+ AOC using embedded optical engine active optical cable, optical cable length is up to 100 meters, each end typical power consumption is 275mW, 1/2 below SFP+ MSA transceiver. Can be applied to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 8 Gigabit fiber channel, FCoE (Ethernet Fiber Channel) aggreement equipment. Suitable for data centers, storage networks and high-performance computing applications.
• Bit error rate (BER, Bit Error rate) is 1000 times better than copper cable
• 3 to 4 times lighter than copper
• Tighter bend radius compared to copper cable
• Better EMI anti-interference ability

Product List
Product Type Package Data Rate Tx Tx power Rx Sens Temp Distance Application Other
GFSFP-SFP-03 SFP+ 10G 850nm -7.3 ~ -1dBm pin ≦-11.1dBm C 3m 以太网/SDH/光纤通道